About us

About Us

Words alone cannot express our sorrow on the untimely death of our beloved brother, Yakoob Dada. To say that his time with us was far too short is an understatement.

The reality is that he will be sorely missed by all who loved and knew him. No doubt the outpouring of sympathy we have received since his parting has been of some consolation. It surely serves as a reminder as to how well-loved and liked he was from the bottom of our hearts, we wish to thank the community - families, individuals and business Associates from all over the world - for their overwhelming support and kindness extended to us in this hour of grief.

Yakoob Dada has left behind a big legacy. He touched the lives of many people around the world. We would like to let the community know that the company that he had founded and turned in to a big success, the Dada Tours and Travels Ltd., will continue to serve the Community.

Dada Tours and Travels Ltd. will continue to function with unfailing zest and characteristic dedication as in the past. Perhaps, with added zeal to keep Yakoob's drive to serve the community alive and going.

Dada Tours has a competent and experienced staff which would remain steadfast in maintaining high professional standards that had come to be the hallmark of the company during the lifetime of the late Yakoob Dada. Our staff will continue to provide the courteous and dedicated service of the past to our clients.

We expect that all our friends and business associates would continue to support us so that we could continue to serve to their satisfaction. Once again, our heartiest thanks to all our friends and well-wishers for their love and support!

Aslam Dada / Mariam Rashid